Wednesday 25 September 2013

Fred's Story

On a cold January morning, Last Hope received a call about three puppies in an abandoned house in Kells. When our volunteers arrived to collect them, they found two pups who were later named Fred and Wilma, but there was no sign of pup number three. Fred and Wilma were vet checked and sent to a foster home for their Last Hope treatment.
Fred & Wilma
About a week later, we received a call about the third pup. Our hearts broke when she was handed over. Bella was skin and bone and had a damaged eye. This poor little girl had been through a terrible ordeal. Bella was taken in and went to a separate foster family as she needed some extra TLC. We thought Bella would lose her eye, but thankfully, she made a full recovery.
Bella when she arrived to Last Hope
The Last Hope family showered the three puppies with love and cuddles to make up for their tough start in life and they made lots of new friends with other dogs, cats & everyone they met. Fred, Bella and Wilma are Staffy-crosses – a loveable breed and perfect family dog. Just like any other dog that is cared for correctly, they are loveable, loyal and happy.
As one staffy owner put it many years ago – “The biggest muscle in a staffy is its heart”.
Fred & Wilma
Fred was a mature head on young shoulders who just loved company. After a few trial runs that didn't work out, Fred went on trial to a farm; they were looking for an older dog but we asked if they would give Fred a chance, and there he found his perfect home.

“When I first decided I wanted a dog I was sure it would have to be an adult - I didn't even consider a pup. I've had dogs in the past but never a puppy,” said Fred’s new owner, Frances Tighe. “I assumed that a puppy meant boundless energy and plenty of mess. For my lifestyle I wanted a friendly independent dog that was first and foremost chilled out! I'm not a fan of hyper, high maintenance pooches, so when Rachel first mentioned Fred, I thought no way. ‘He's so not a puppy puppy,’ Rachel had said to me, but secretly I had my doubts. He's a puppy and a bull breed and they’re hard work right? Wrong!”
During the two-week trial, Frances came to realise that she had given a home to the most laid-back pup in town. “It's ridiculous - I swear one of these days he's going to start speaking to me in a Jamaican accent,” she said.
“Fred spends most of the day sleeping in various positions (some quite humorous). He likes a walk, but nothing too hectic - he's more of a stroller then a power walker (like myself). He treats the car like a moving sofa, which is handy because he's never happier than when he’s cuddling up on the sofa for the evening. He’s a serious cuddle monster and he snores loudly.

“Don't get me wrong, we've had our moments; one incident regarding a bag of flour, and Fred isn't shy about flatulence. Over the past three months we've learned a lot about each other and we've both adjusted. Fred is my little dude and honestly, I prefer him to most people I know! He needed to know I'd be there and he'd be safe, and in return, I share my home with a devoted and loving friend. Put simply - we're happy.”
Bella & Wilma have been in the care of Last Hope since they were very young. They have been loved and have shown much love to us in return and we hope they can find a wonderful forever home and get their happy ending just like Fred. They've grown into beautiful dogs.

Bella can be a little shy at first but she loves cuddles and gets on great with dogs, cats & children.

Wilma loves life's little comforts and is happy to chill out. She is good with children & ignores cats. She takes a little time to get to know other dogs but once she does she gets on great with them and we are working on her socialisation. She loves a run and has good recall.
If you can offer one of these girls a home please email us

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