Monday 16 September 2013

Saturday 14th of September

We are starting this blog for a week to give our supporters more of an insight to what happens on a weekly basis within Last Hope Animal Charity. We start the week off with 25 cats & kittens, 5 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and 11 dogs in our care and we never know what surprises the week has in store for our volunteers. 

Our days usually begin with the volunteers on the kennel shifts. We have two, two hour shifts daily which involve cleaning out the dog kennels, feeding, watering and some basic training. Once the daily chores are over, comes the fun part and we get to play with the dogs, bring them for a walk, have a cuddle and hopefully by the time the dog is put back in their kennel, they are happy and have burnt off enough energy to settle down for the night. This week we have 4 dogs in our kennels including two greyhounds who were rescued from certain death. 

Today the sun was shining so Lorna & Ann decided to take two of the kennel dogs, Jimmy & Coco for a nice walk at Tara Hill. Lorna regularly volunteers at the kennels and finds one of the most rewarding things is to see a dog improve as the volunteers work with them. "Cannot believe the change in Coco the space of two weeks she has come totally out of her shell! Gone is the nervous wary Coco,& now a very happy playful girl with a lovely confidence :) Both Jimmy & Coco are delighted to be out on their walk in the beautiful surroundings at Tara. Had such a fun day, great to be part of such a wonderful charity, really look forward to every weekend to spend time with the dogs in our care! 

Jimmy & Coco at Tara Hill


On the first & second Saturday of each month we hold adoption days in the Navan Petmania Store. Today is cat adoption day and we try to get as many of our cats from our foster homes into the store to meet the public and hopefully find their perfect home. It is a great way for the public to learn more about us and we love having a chat with them even if they aren't there to adopt an animal at that time. As a new fosterer it was Gillian's first time at an adoption day and she brought along her beautiful foster kittens Pip, Bella & Meg. One of Gillian's favourite moments from the day was when a father asked if his daughter with special needs could pet a kitten. "Her reaction to the kittens fur was lovely to see and he was so thankful that she got to pet the kitten. A lovely side to adoption day and the effect these animals can have on people."  
Our relationship with Petmania has proved to be so important to us over the months and it is a great opportunity for the public to come and see our cats & dogs as we work mainly through foster homes so do not have a main premises for people to see the animals in our care.


As always our foster homes are busy with caring for their fosters, their own pets & families.

Three volunteers spent much of the day coordinating a trip to Laois to help with the Little Hill rescue of battery hens. We hope to save 150 of these girls tomorrow and bring them back to Navan to be rehomed in the surrounding areas. We already have homes arranged for 109 and are positive we can find homes for the remaining hens. 

We are also holding a sponsored dog walk tomorrow at the Hill of Tara so the volunteers are busy with the final prep for that. We hope it will be a great afternoon and the sun shines for us.

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